I’ve taught English as a foreign language in Milan and Oxford, as well as numerous philosophy courses at Baruch College, ranging from Philosophy of Psychology to Philosophy of Sex and Love and Computer Ethics.  I currently give supervisions in philosophy at Downing College as a Bye Fellow and Teaching Fellow, and at Corpus Christi College as a Philosophy Preceptor.

Select Syllabi

Here are some syllabuses for some of my past courses. All of the syllabuses were designed from scratch for each course. If you have any questions about courses past or present, please get in touch!

The syllabus for my course Ethics and Critical Thinking (PHI1100)

The syllabus for my course Philosophy of Sex and Love (PHI4900)

The syllabus for my course Experimental Philosophy (PHI3200)

The syllabus for my course Philosophy of Psychology (PHI3035).

The syllabus for my course Thought and Reality (PHI3030).

The syllabus for my course Major Issues in Philosophy (PHI1500).


Class Discussion Materials

I make frequent use of discussion exercises in class, often using short vignettes and thought experiments, again specially tailored for each class. Here are some examples of my favorite discussion exercises I have used at Baruch.

Free Will Case Studies

Personal Identity Case Studies

Happiness Case Studies

Moral Dilemmas

Artificial Intelligence: Six Scenarios

Eight perspectives on the existence of God

The Virtual Life: Well-Being, Simulation, and Reality


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